What is DDLG

For those wondering what is DDLG it is basically an acronym which stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl.

What is a DDLG?

DDLG is basically a form of BDSM relationship. Within this relationship a dominant partner will take on a nurturing or strict caregiver role. This role is referred to as the Daddy. The submissive partner in this style of relationship takes on a youthful role or role of a child. This role is often referred to as the Little or Little Girl.

A DDLG relationship involves one party within the relationship taking on a submissive age-regressing state of mind. This sees them taking on the role of a younger more child-like state of mind. When in this state of mind they will give up some degree of control. By doing this they allow themselves to be “taken care of” by the more dominant partner.

This is sometimes referred to as ageplay. Ageplay actually sits closely alongside the ABDL community. ABDL is an acronym for Adult Baby Diaper Lover.

There are a wide range of variations when it comes to DDLG relationships. These variations can swap genders and roles with each variation having their own acronyms.

Here is a list of some of the better known forms of DDLG relationships :-

  • MDLB :- Mommy Dom Little Boy
  • MDLG :- Mommy Dom Little Girl
  • DDLB :- Daddy Dom Little Boy
  • TDLB :- Trans Daddy Little Boy
  • TDLG :- Trans Daddy Little Girl
  • TMLG :- Trans Mommy Little Girl
  • TMBL :- Trans Mommy Little Boy
  • CLG :- A Generic term of any form of Caregiver and Little relationship.

Probably the best term to describe this nurturing relationship between a dominant and Little is CLG or Caregiver-Little.

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